Due to government imposed guidelines aimed at combating CoVID-19 we will not resume all services/programs, and some adjustments have been made to the services/programs that are being offered to ensure the safety of all participants and our staff. 

The services/programs currently offered are:

  • Youth summer camps

  • Youth advanced off-season training

  • The Dubai Tribe Basketball School 

  • The Dubai Tribe Basketball Club Program

  • Pro-AM off-season training

  • Private coaching - individual and small group (youth & adults)

  • Court rental

  • Shooting machine rental

  • Home training services


Participation & Operational Guidelines​


All participants must adhere to the precautionary operating procedures issued by the government of Dubai.  Please find below a combined list of operational procedures we are implementing for our services/programs and facility moving forward:


Facility & General Operations:

  1. Only 10 participants can be present for a court booking.  

  2. No spectators will be allowed in the gym (that includes parents, siblings, nannies, and drivers) unless pre-authorized by Basketball Hub Dubai management.

  3. Basketball training sessions will be limited to 10 participants per basket/coach.

  4. Participants must follow instructions provided by coaching staff both verbal and/or using area markings (using cones, tape, signage, etc.) on the court from drill to drill to ensure acceptable distance is maintained between participants.  Participants consistently showing inability to follow such instructions will be asked to leave the facility and will not be allowed to return indefinitely.

  5. 15-minutes cleaning break implemented between each training session and court rental.

  6. Staff will clean all balls, training equipment, and court-side seats after each training session and court rental.

  7. Staff will spot mop any sweat off the court between training sessions and court rentals.

  8. Sanitation station is set up inside the basketball office (court-side office) which includes hand sanitizer, spray bottles with cleaning chemicals, paper towel rolls, gloves (for staff), and masks (for staff).  

  9. Participants can purchase masks from the basketball office if needed (bringing your own back up supplies is much preferred).

  10. All court-side seats are 2m apart. 



  1. All personal items must remain inside your gym bag at all times. Headphones, phones, clothes, etc should always be inside a gym bag.

  2. Must have temperature checked using a laser thermometer before each session.

  3. Hand sanitization before entering the court.

  4. Hand sanitization at the end of the training session.

  5. Participants must maintain a 2m distance between each other when sitting court-side.  DO NOT RELOCATE A CHAIR/BENCH TO SIT CLOSER TO YOUR FRIEND(S)

  6. A person who has a cough, temperature, breathing difficulty, respiratory disease or immunodeficiency, is not allowed to participate in activities.

  7. Masks must be worn while inside the facility and as much as possible during the workout.  If the activity is strenuous, the participant is allowed to lower the mask to breath more comfortably.

  8. No sharing of food, beverages, clothing, etc.


Thank you.