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Age Groups:

  • 8U Boys & Girls

  • 10U Boys & Girls

  • 12U Boys

  • 12U & 14U GIRLS ONLY

  • 14U Boys

  • 16U & 18U Boys

Summer Calendar:

  • Week 1:   01 July to 5 July 2024 (5 days)

  • Week 2:   08 July to 12 July 2024 (5 days)

  • Week 3:   15 July to 19 July 2024 (5 days)

  • Week 4:   22 July to 26 July 2024 (5 days)

  • Week 5:   29 July to 2 August 2024 (5 days)

  • Week 6:   05 August to 09 August 2024 (5 days)

  • Week 7:   12 August to 16 August 2024 (5 days)

  • Week 8:   19 August to 23 August 2024 (5 days)

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Day camp Agenda

 Game changer off-Season training 8U & 10U Boys & Girls

 Game changer off-Season training 12U & 14U Boys

 Game changer off-Season training 12U & 14U Girls ONLY

 Game changer off-Season training 16U & 18U Boys


*Prices include one camp Jersey.
**All the above prices are VAT inclusive.
*** EARLY BIRD offer valid until June 15, 2024


Welcome to the Game Changer Off-Season Basketball Training Camp, where true potential meets unparalleled growth.

Designed exclusively for advanced players seeking a competitive edge, our camp offers a transformative experience that combines comprehensive skill development on the court along with rigorous athletic training in the gym. Led by our team of elite coaches, we provide a dynamic and immersive environment that fosters growth, elevates performance, and propels players to new heights.


From refining technical skills and tactical awareness to enhancing strength, speed, agility, quickness, power and endurance, our program encompasses all facets of basketball excellence. Whether you aspire to dominate the court or pursue a professional career, our camp equips you with the tools, knowledge, and mindset needed to become a game changer. Join us this summer and unlock your full potential.

There are no cash refunds for basketball training services. In exceptional and/or medical circumstances (an official medical report must be provided justifying the participant's need to stop participation) refunds may be granted. Fees paid in respect of basketball training services comprise administration, business costs and tuition fee. In the event of a refund being awarded only the tuition fee will be refunded on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the payment term from the date that the refund was requested. All refunds are awarded at the discretion of management. In respect of any team kit purchased refunds will be awarded only in the event of the item being faulty. Refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment.


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