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Remi Vanecht
Coaching Experience:  10 years
Nationality:  Belgian
Expertise: Strength and Conditioning


Coach Remi has always been involved in sports. He discovered his passion for movement through football and basketball. It is this passion that led him to the University of Louvain (Belgium) to study Motor Skills Sciences.

Coach Remi played for the UCL basketball team for 5 years as well as Royal Basketball Gembloux Club which was competing at a national level. 

After obtaining a Master’s degree in Sports Organisation Management with a minor in Athletes Conditioning, coach Remi started his journey in the fitness industry.  He developed an expertise in posture fixing and injury prevention. He worked with young and experienced athletes to develop their agility, speed, quickness, motor skills and sports specific abilities.  His comprehensive approach to athlete development allows him to maximize the athletic potential of his clients..


Key facts:

Bachelor degree in Motor Skills Sciences

Master’s degree in Sports Organisation Management and Athletes Conditioning

Former member of the UCL basketball team (Belgium)

Former member of the Royal Basketball Club Gembloux senior team

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