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  • We are about hands on COACHING and a proven track record of COACHING.  Founder and lead trainer Coach Saeed Al-Naji has helped develop over 48 athletes who played on NBA teams (2 players), Canadian National Teams (9 players), Professional European Clubs (13 players), NCAA teams (33 players), and CIS Teams (10 players) … One NCAA head coach, one NCAA assistant coach, and one Canadian CIS coach in the Canadian National Team Program… who is coaching you?

  • TRAIN TO COMPETE… Our athletes have competed internationally USA (Indiana, Kentucky, South Caroline, Georgia, Nevada, California) Italy, and Austria. 


  • Less is more… small group sizes mean more hands-on coaching for our athletes. 


  • TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESS… First program to produce an NCAA player.  Jordi Menkhorst is the first player to graduate high school in the UAE to play at an NCAA institution. Class of 2019 Chol Marial is currently ranked top 10 high school freshman in USA.  3 athletes were selected to the MENA All-Star game in 2014 and 4 athletes were selected to the MENA All-Stars Team that competed in the Junior International Tournament in Italy in 2015.  The last 3 UAE high school league MVP’s were Dubai Tribe athletes. 


  • BE A PART OF AN INTERNATIONAL BASKETBALL COMMUNITY... full of former professional players, national team players, college players, lawyers, engineers, business leaders, teachers, journalists, sports industry professionals, entrepreneurs, media professionals, IT professionals, etc. One of our strengths is our network of club alumni, current members, supporters, and strategic partners from all over the world. Whatever your long term goals are we help guide you ... on and off the court.

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