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business club LEAGUE

indoor 5v5 corporate competition
Take off your suit & tie and join your colleagues in a battle for brand supremacy (not really), team building (hopefully), and good old-fashioned basketball thrills (definitely). Its time to hoop after office hours and compete in full-court 5v5 action. Don't miss this chance to break ankles of your competitors and getting an assist from your boss.

Note:  feel free to invite your favorite client or supplier to join your team (highly recommended).



5v5 / 10min Quarters 

Starting 1st October 2023

Weekday Nights


Basketball Hub Dubai

Maximum number of players per team:

12 Players

Maximum number of teams:

6 teams

Games guaranteed:

Minimum of 6 games

Team participation fee:
AED 3,000


  • Registrations are open until the 20th of September 2023

  • Every player must wear a team uniform.

  • Showers and changing rooms are available at the facility.

  • Spectators allowed inside the gym

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